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Kronborg Cowl September 2…

Sheepspot Yarn Club July Yarn Design I created the Kronborg Cowl as an exercise in fun and creativity. My goal was to make something wearable, within the month … Continue reading

Join Jill On Craftsy!

Create Beautiful, New Patterns from the Basics You Know! Join Jill on Craftsy!  If you know how to knit and purl, then you have the basic skills you … Continue reading

Bellevue Shrug

This elegant Bellevue shrug, knit from gorgeously airy laceweight mohair, allows the graceful Eyelet Leaves patterns to swoop along the bottom of the back and bloom upwards to … Continue reading

Seattle Cardigan

Swathe yourself in luxury with this featherlight and lacy cardigan.  Knit from an airy, laceweight mohair, this beautiful piece glides upwards from a gently scalloped peplum.  Wrap your … Continue reading

Studio Space

Looking for something more than a downloadable pattern experience? Join the Jill Wolcott Knits® Studio Space! A place for knitters to learn, practice, or study…  Continue Reading →

Jill Says

Simple Pleasures

October 2, 2015

Simple Pleasures

  I have been wanting to post about the return of both hummingbirds and butterflies to my back yard. They are simple pleasures in my days. … Continue reading

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