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Lisse Hat

Lisse Hat (pronounced Lisa) is a completely stand-alone project, but it also functions as the gauge swatch for the soon-to-be released Lisse Pullover. Create a picture-perfect hat with … Continue reading

Join Jill On Craftsy!

Join Jill on Craftsy. Create Beautiful, New Patterns from the Basics You Know! Use my Join Jill on Craftsy link to get the class at a 50% discount. … Continue reading

Las Vegas Thong & Re…

Even good knitters sometimes have to go bad—and what better way to do that than with this spicy set, knit in an elastic cotton yarn?  The Las Vegas … Continue reading

Meath Pullover + Meath Mi…

Meath Pullover Imagine finding the perfect pullover that combines simplicity, cables, pockets, and interesting details.  And shouldn’t the pullover be easy to knit, without being boring?  Meath Pullover … Continue reading

Studio Space

Looking for something more than a downloadable pattern experience? Join the Jill Wolcott Knits® Studio Space! A place for knitters to learn, practice, or study…  Continue Reading →

Jill Says

Habit Changing: safety pins

February 12, 2016

Habit Changing for the Better

I have made a change in a long-standing habit. Practically since we moved to San Francisco in 1998 I have gone to the farmer’s market every … Continue reading

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