Latin Quarter



Inject your life with Parisian flair with this shawl and shell set, knitted in a sumptuous blend of Suri alpaca, merino, and a touch of glimmering stellina  Both pieces use a Tilted Ladder lace pattern combining eyelets and cables for undeniable visual and knitting interest. The shawl is finished with a collar along the edge that lends stability and allows you to wear it without fear of the shawl falling off your shoulders, as well as unique I-cord bows that replace traditional fringe. The shell completes the look with an echo of the Tilting Ladder pattern as its center panel, ensuring that you’ll sparkle. 

Photos by Nancy Rothstein


Shawl Medium (Long)
32.25 x 64.5 (74.5)”

Shell XS (S) (M) (L) (XL) (XXL)
Finished bust 32.875 (36.25) (39.625) (42.875) (47.625) (52.25)”
Finished length (before I-cord) 18.75 (19.75) (20.5) (21.5) (22.75) (23.75)”


Note: Two strands of yarn are held together throughout.

Shawl 5 sts/in and 5.5 rows/in = 20 sts/4″ and 22 rows/4″ in Tilted Ladder pattern on size 5(3.75mm) ndls
5.25 sts/in and 6 rows/in = 21 sts/4″ and 24 rows/4″ in Tilted Ladder pattern on size 4(3.5mm) ndls
Shell 6 sts/in and 8 rows/in = 24 sts/4″ and 32 rows/4″ in St st on size 3(3.25mm) ndls
6.625 sts/in and 7.5 rows/in = 30 sts/3″ and 30 rows/4″ over Tilted Ladder panel on size 3(3.25mm) ndls


Shawl Size 5(3.75mm) and size 4(3.5mm) ndls OR size to obtain gauge, size 3(3.25mm) dpns for I-cord
Shell Size 3(3.25mm) OR size to obtain gauge, size 3(3.25mm) dpns for I-cord


Stitch markers, tapestry ndls, stitch holders or WY, cable ndl, crochet hook, snaps and sewing thread and needle for lingerie straps


Lace Glow from Red Barn Yarn, 80% Suri alpaca, 15% merino, 5% stellina, 125g/1094 yds (985 m)
Shawl Main Color MC 2 (3) balls
Contrast Color CC Small amount of yarn
Shell 1 (1) (2) (2) (2) (2) balls

As Shown

Model Size Medium
Shell MC Aquamarine
Shawl MC Chambray

Latin Quarter Shawl DetailLatin Quarter Shell Detail