Swatch Workshop March 2017: Swatches unblockedCopenhagen HeadbandGo High Hat: One and TwoJoin Jill on Craftsy: May 2016

Swatch Workshop March 201…

Jill Wolcott Knits® Swatch Workshop March 2017 (4-weeks) February 27 through March 26 Use swatches to achieve the knitting and designing projects you want. Swatch Workshop March 2017 is a 4-week workshop on making your swatch … Continue reading

Copenhagen Headband Recip…

Looking for a quick hat project?  How about the Copenhagen headband, which keeps the ears warm, but doesn’t cover the top of the head?  This is perfect for those … Continue reading

Go High Hat Recipe (free)…

Go High in a Hat!  The Go High hat recipe is an in-the-round version of the Pussy Hat Project pattern.  You can modify it to suit your needs … Continue reading

Join Jill On Craftsy!

Join Jill on Craftsy. Create Beautiful, New Patterns from the Basics You Know! Use my Join Jill on Craftsy link to get the class at a 50% discount. … Continue reading

Techniques Library

Techniques Library: garter stitchThe Techniques Library will give you text explanations for techniques I use–in my words. Related techniques have been aggregated…  Find a Technique →

Jill Says

Future Self: Taking gauge honors the Future self!

March 24, 2017

An Extra Step for Your Future Self

How does your Future self differ from your Now self or your True self? Let’s take a look at how acknowledging each of these selves might … Continue reading

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