Jill Wolcott Knits

As a fashion designer my passion for designing hand knits stems from the way knitting creates both the fabric and the shape. My designs reflect my intense interest and background in fashion, and each piece is created with a keen eye to design and technique. You can read a little more about my knitting life and my philosophy at the Designer’s Story.

Check out the Pattern Markup (PDF) for a tour of the touches that make a Jill Wolcott Knits® pattern just a little different.

I really strive to create a clear and complete guide to your finished product in each Jill Wolcott Knits® pattern. Sometimes a pattern may challenge you to conquer a new technique, but don’t worry; clear directions and ample support will guide you to a great result! Your reward will be a lovely knitted creation and the skill you’ll take with you on your knitting path. My true love is knitting, not sewing, so I design with that in mind. If (like me) you don’t relish the finishing process, you’ll enjoy using my patterns to create a beautiful, polished knitted piece without a lot of sewing up. You’ll find a complete list of patterns under the Patterns tabs with something for knitters of every style and skill level!

On this website you’ll also find an extensive Library of Techniques to help you master the skills needed for my patterns. When I’m writing, I always take care to give you every bit of information you’ll need to work the pattern from start to finish. My techniques library is a helpful supplement that will keep those techniques fresh in your mind. I want you to enjoy knitting and gain confidence with every new skill you master!

I also teach online classes including Illustrator for Knitwear Designers, Photoshop (coming soon), Grading for Plus Sizes, and forthcoming classes in knitwear design and specific patterns. You can also find me teaching Product Development (creative side) classes at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Francisco campus. Visit the Events/Calendar/Schedule tab for more information.

My hope is that each of you will share my passion for fashionable knitting. Let’s take up the challenge of mastering each new skill, and knit as we live…with confidence and style!


Jill Wolcott Knits®


Please contact me with any questions or concerns!