Calendar Events Schedule

Please check back for more Calendar Events Schedule as I get used to sharing my Schedule.

Most of the information on the Calendar Events Schedule is for the regular things like the blog and newsletter, but also look here for things like scheduled test knits, KALs (knit alongs), releases of products and content, and classes. 

  • Tuesday’s Blog is Knitting Treasures: The titles are now being added in to help you find past blogs.
  • Thursday Retail News: The title might not help, but if you go here you can click on the title to get the text.
  • Friday Blogs are often recaps of the week, but almost always more personal than technical.
  • Craftsy Class 1 = Pick the Perfect Stitch Pattern: Knit & Purl Know How
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Calendar Events Schedule:

  • June 9 through 13: TNNA, Washington DC
  • September 30 to October 1: Jill teaches classes at Taos Fiber Festival


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