How-To Videos: Taming Techniques from Jill

A Jill Wolcott Knits® pattern doesn’t just give you a beautiful end result—it gives you knowledge and confidence that you will carry with you into all of your knitting projects. Some techniques are easy to master, but for those that seem a bit more difficult, you have Jill to show you How-To with Taming Techniques videos!  For help with techniques, or even just some inspiration, check out our How-To Videos: Taming Techniques videos below for visual explanation of techniques that Jill likes to use in her patterns.

Jill Introduces Taming Techniques (How-To): Jill does an introduction

We have uploaded How-To Videos: Taming Techniques to YouTube and Vimeo (no commercials!) on Jill Wolcott Knits®.

If the name of a How-To video is a clickable link, there is a technique associated with the Taming Techniques video and you can get the videos through that technique as well.

How-To: Taming Techniques Episodes Available!

How to PU between edge & next stitch

Backwards Knit at Vimeo or YouTube – 4:42. One of Jill’s favorite trick techniques. It is just mental gymnastics, and it seems crazy at first, but once your hands get the hang of it, you will love it!

Flat 3-ndl BO at Vimeo OR YouTube – 5:43. This is not the regular 3-needle bind off, and it is awesome!

Gauge at Vimeo OR YouTube – 8:15. Ever wondered if you were taking gauge correctly? Watch this and see how Jill does it–and get tips to do it yourself.

How to Proceed at Vimeo or YouTube – 6:16. Ever get into a place where it feels like you have a juggling act, not a knitting project? Jill considers one of these she created and gives you some tips.

Lisse Hat Bobblets (in the round) at Vimeo or YouTube – 1:53. Let Jill show you how to do the bobblets for the Lisse Hat.

PU stitches between edge and next st at Vimeo OR YouTube – 6:09. What does Jill mean when she says to pick up between the edge and next stitch?

PU YO at Vimeo OR YouTube – 5:53. This tricky little technique is genius. Jill didn’t invent it, but it is worth a watch.

Short Rows I at Vimeo or YouTube – 3:21. This is just one method of doing short rows. Featuring the s-w-s (slip-wrap-slip) method.

Tell me your technique priorities!  

Clearly, there is a lot of opportunity for How-To: Taming Techniques videos! Do you have an idea for a technique you’d like to see as a video How-To?  Contact me here!

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