A System of Grading Segments II & III Student Bundle


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A System of Grading Segments II & III Student Bundle

 A System of Grading Segments II & III Student Bundle is the second set of classes, plus Certification (Segment III).

A System of Grading Segment II includes 9 hours of online classes and labs over 10 weeks.  Classes are offered via GoToMeeting (and recordings of sessions will be made available following classes).  Classes include lectures, handouts, demonstrations, question and answer or group discussions.

Add Segment III Certification to Segment II A System of Grading to get the student bundle. Certification will guide you through creating a presentation of your work to show the skills you have acquired. Work toward focusing on your target audience to get the most impact from your skills.

Certification follows Segment II classes in November.

There are 7 class hours and two Lab sessions to guide you through A System of Grading Segment II.
Labs are working time with me available for online assistance.

Session Schedule is tentative!

Sessions 9 & 10
— Adding into the spreadsheet what you forgot
— Shaping within the garment
2 hrs $60 [with handouts]
September 6 or September 7
September 6 or September 7
Sessions 9 & 10 Lab
—  Updating; shaping formulas
1 hr $25 [2 sessions each date]
September 13 or September 14
Session 11
— Adding stitch pattern variables
1 hr $30 [with handouts)
September 20 or September 21
Sessions 12 & 13
— Sleeves to underarm
— Sleeve caps
2 hrs $60 [with handouts]
October 4 or October 5
October 4 or October 5
Sessions 12 & 13 Lab
—  Sleeves
1 hr $25 [2 sessions each date]
October 11 or October 12
Session 14
— Application to different garment shapes
1 hr $30 [with handouts]
October 18 or October 19
Session 15
— Trims
1 hr $30 [with handouts]
 November 2  or November 3
Session 16
— I meant to ask . . . Review 
2 hrs $60
November 8 or November 9
Segment III Certification $150
to be completed prior to December 15, 2017

A System of Grading Certification cannot be purchased separately.

To get A System of Grading Segments II & III, buy this bundle.

Goals for A System of Grading Segment II

A System of Grading Segment II goals include:

  1. Adding things into your spreadsheet;
  2. Cross-checking your pattern and your spreadsheet;
  3. Formulas for creating shaping;
  4. Adding in stitch pattern and other variables;
  5. Sleeve shaping;
  6. Sleeve cap shaping;
  7. Formulas for sleeves and length calculations;
  8. How to translate grading into different shapes;
  9. Adding trims and calculating percentages; and
  10. Reviewing, rethinking, staying flexible, and being firm.

Structure of A System of Grading Segment II

Sessions 9 & 10 (2 hours)

  • Making your spreadsheet flexible
  • Adjusting when you forgot to include flexibility
  • Adding shaping into the garment
  • What if you have to make adjustments?

Sessions 9 & 10 Lab (1 hour)

  • Flexibility in an inflexible environment
  • Adding shape with formulas

Session 11 (1 hour)

  • Adding stitch repeat variables and making it work in all sizes

Sessions 12 & 13  (2 hours)

  • A/B formulas
  • Calculations for shaping over length
  • Calculations for shaping
  • Sleeve cap calculations

Sessions 12 & 13 Lab (1 hour)

  • Formulas and calculations for sleeves and length

Session 14 (1 hour)

  • How the rules translate—and where they happen—in different shapes

Session 15 (1 hour)

  • How to arrive at trim (or pick up) numbers
  • Percentages
  • Checking

Session 16 (2 hours)

  • Review questions: I’ll ask you, you ask me
  • Problem solving

Following registration and payment you will receive emails providing additional information on signing up for online sessions, use of Dropbox, use of GoToMeeting, and providing downloads and other materials.

Get the particulars for a Certificate of Completion here.



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