Go High Hat Recipe (free)



Go High in a Hat!  The Go High hat recipe is an in-the-round version of the Pussy Hat Project pattern.  You can modify it to suit your needs and your knitting. This is a flat hat in that there is no crown shaping. This hat is worked in the round, then the top edge is closed using the flat 3-needle bind off (video here). By working in the round and closing it with the flat 3-needle bind off, there are just two ends of yarn to work in and no seaming!

Like any good recipe, this is just a starting place and you should feel free to adapt it to your own needs. I give you numbers for working it in worsted weight yarn.  I also give you lots of guidance [in brackets] throughout the recipe so you can make choices. There are also links in the pdf to techniques and other things you might want to jump to.

Why Go High?

I mostly answer that in this blog post. I loved when Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high”. So grab this pattern (its free!) and go high.  If you like the pattern, please consider following me on social media:  jillwolcottknits on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, jillwolcottknit (no S–no room!) on Twitter. I have YouTube and Vimeo (again, Jill Wolcott Knits) videos too. Of course I’m also on Ravelry.

I didn’t take photos of my individual hats: I knit six of them from yarn given to me by Piedmont Yarn & Apparel (2 from Deluxe Worsted from Universal Yarn) and 3.5 from yarn given to me by Lorna’s Laces (Shepherd Worsted, in Cheery). I had to finish the fourth hat with leftovers of Deluxe Worsted from my Craftsy class.  It is a rainbow Go High Hat!

Why Me?

This is what we ask ourselves after we have been sexually assaulted or harassed. Of course life goes on, and you quit asking it daily, weekly, monthly. It was a shock to me how disquieting the Trump video was for me. It has been 34 years since I was raped; I have never gotten a suitable answer to that question.



17.75 (18.5) (19.5) (20.5) (21.25) (22.25) (24)” circumference
45.1 (47) (49.5) (50.8) (54) (56.5) (61) cm circumference


4.5 stitches/inch


size 7(4.5mm)*
*I like a more compact rib so I used a smaller size (2 sizes smaller) for the 2×2 rib
I used the magic loop so used 40″ long circular needles, but any suitable needles for working in the round will work


tapestry needle, marker


Shepherd Worsted from Lorna’s Laces
Deluxe Worsted from Universal Yarn

As Shown

Five hats in 20.5″ size used about 63g each
1 hat in 19.5″ size used about 60g

Go High Hat: The bind offGo High Hat: BeginningGo High Hat: six hatsGo High Hat: ready to join topGo High Hat: Complete