A System of Grading Certification


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A System of Grading Certification cannot be purchased separately.  It is bundled into Segment II.

A System of Grading Certification Description

A System of Grading Certification is a process to receive a Certificate of Completion of A System of Grading. If you put in the work it is something you want to be able to show to others.  This will give you a document showing you have completed the course work and put together a presentation showing your proficiency.

Your homework will be the foundation on which you will present your work in a way to showcase your skills as a pattern-writing designer, tech editor, or however you wish to professionally present yourself.  I will work with you to create an effective presentation of the skills acquired by taking A System of Grading.  In Certification I will work with each registrant to guide them through creating a presentation of their skills.

Goals for A System of Grading Segment III Certification 

  1. Accumulation of homework as supporting foundation.Segment III Certification: Done!
  2. Creation of branded documents based on A System of Grading processes.
  3. Additions to resumé or CV showing completion of A System of Grading.
  4. Evaluation of documentation against rubric.
  5. Certificate of Completion.


Structure of A System of Grading Certification

Session 17 (2 hours)

  • I will go through the rubric and my expectations of what should be included in individual presentations/submissions for Certification in addition to the completed homework.
  • Build a documentation plan.
  • Discussion of how to present your skills.

Session 18 (1 hour)

  • One-on-one meetings to discuss individual presentations/submissions to make showcase skills
  • Discuss goals and outcomes from the presentation/submission for Certification.

Certification Presentation Review (due no later than December 15)

  • Submission to me by December 15.
  • Review of all materials against the rubrics distributed in Session 17.
  • Issue Certificate of Completion (or ask for additional materials) within 30 days of receipt.