Swatch Workshop March 2017: Swatches unblocked

Swatch Workshop March 2017 (4-weeks) Registration Now Open!


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Jill Wolcott Knits® Swatch Workshop March 2017
February 27 through March 26

Use swatches to achieve the knitting and designing projects you want. Swatch Workshop March 2017 is a 4-week workshop on making your swatch a magical guide through each project.  Find joy in the process of knitting swatches and reading their secrets.

Learn My Secrets!

Embark on this guided opportunity for knitting and designing discovery:

  • What drives your knitting or designing?
  • What makes you the happiest as a knitter or designer?
  • What are those knitting secrets I claim live in my swatches?

Learn my secrets!

Swatch Workshop March 2017 Is For . . .

  • knitters looking to grow and expand your knitting world.
  • designers needing a more professional process for finding the sweet spot for each project.
  • knitters or designers looking for a clearer path for exploration.
  • yarn collectors.
  • knitters or designers seeking a broader design range.
  • knitters or designers looking for more knitting confidence.
  • knitters or designers seeking more control over your knitting outcomes.

Swatch Workshop March 2017 is for you!

I am offering this sampler course to share my method, based on my 20+ years of experience.

  • You can take control of the process and outcome. 
  • Unlock what you want your knitting or designing experience to be.
  • There will be knitting!

This Swatch Workshop March 2017 series is a beta version.
The name has been changed to Swatch Workshop avoid confusion with a similarly named series.

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