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Swatch Workshop May 2017!
May 1 through May 26

Use swatches to achieve the knitting and designing projects you want. Swatch Workshop May 2017 is a 4-week workshop to show that your swatch is a magical guide through each project.  Find joy in the process of knitting swatches and reading their secrets.

Save Time.  Dream Ahead.  Savor Mastery

Hard to believe, but knitting swatches can save you time on your projects.  Not only that, but it can be a perfect time for dreaming of your knitting future, savoring the mastery of new stitches, and perfect for planning of future projects.  I take swatches seriously as a part of my knitting and designing process.

Learn My Secrets!  Embark on this guided opportunity for knitting and designing discovery:

  • What drives your knitting or designing?
  • What makes you the happiest as a knitter or designer?
  • What are those knitting secrets I claim live in my swatches?

Join me in May!

Jill Wolcott Knits®
Swatch Workshop May 2017 Is For . . .

  • knitters looking to grow and expand your knitting world.
  • designers needing a more professional process for finding the sweet spot for each project.
  • knitters or designers looking for a clearer path for exploration.
  • yarn collectors.
  • knitters or designers seeking a broader design range.
  • knitters or designers looking for more knitting confidence.
  • knitters or designers seeking more control over your knitting outcomes.

Email me with your questions.

 Swatch Workshop May 2017
Is For You!

I am offering this sampler course to share my method, based on my 20+ years of experience.

  • You can take control of the process and outcome. 
  • Unlock what you want your knitting or designing experience to be.
  • There will be knitting!  Please count on six to eight hours of weekly knitting.

Email me with your questions.

This Swatch Workshop May 2017 series is presented in a series of email handouts, plus group chats and 1:1 sessions with me via computer, phone or other device.  There is a Secret Facebook group for those wanting a little more interaction.

Learn about your yarn, the fibers you use, and all the secrets they can reveal to you if they are given a chance.

Join me in May!

Jill Wolcott Knits®
Add-on to the Four-Week Swatch Workshop!

To make it a little easier to both knit and assess your knitting, I’m putting plant fibers (an introduction!) into a separate Fifth Week of the Swatch Workshop.  If you have questions about these fibers and how to use them, this is for you!

Join me in June for Plant-Fibers!

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