Techniques Library : What’s In There?

Techniques underlay all knitting, and the Jill Wolcott Knits® Techniques Library is meant to be a resource for defining and executing techniques. I am fascinated by techniques and I am always looking for the proper technique for any situation, plus I am always toying with the language I use to describe the techniques. Although I am always working to make the language clear to knitters, it seems there is always room to improve.Techniques Library: Garter Stitch

The  Jill Wolcott Knits® Techniques Library is meant to give you my version of a wide variety of knitting techniques, but my version is not the only one there is. My techniques library is populated by the techniques I use and want you to use, and I created the Jill Wolcott Knits® Techniques Library using my wording and preferences.

I recommend when working a technique for the first time that it can help to read the words out loud.  Take it step-by-step, and don’t worry if it doesn’t completely make sense the first time you try it.  The words will be here in the Jill Wolcott Knits® Techniques Library if you need them again.

Finding Things In the Jill Wolcott Knits® Techniques Library

I like adding in new things, and as I create new work, I find myself using familiar techniques in different ways. To that end, as we (and I did not do most of the database-building work) reworked the database, we found that it made more sense to group things, and give a variety of uses under one topic. For instance, if you search knitting stitches together the page has instructions for knitting 2, 3, 4, and 5 stitches together.  If you put k2tog into the search box in the upper right of any of my web pages, it will search the Jill Wolcott Knits® Techniques Library, and take you to the same page.



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