Why I Love . . . Techniques

Focusing on reasons why I love, rather than how to do, techniques, these short videos give me a chance to gush. I admit it, I’m beyond a knitting geek, I am constantly looking for ways and whys to do things in my knitting.

Why I Love . . . Why These Short Videos

Frequently knitters will look at something they are unfamiliar with and immediately reject it in favor of something that they are familiar with. One of the hallmarks of my designs, patterns, and techniques, is that I tease out the best way to do something in that design situation. Patterns rarely have room for explaining my thinking, or why I love a technique, or why I use it despite the fact that there are often easier alternatives available. So my techniques may not be easy, and sometimes not even straightforward, but I think they are the best.

As an example, the Flexible Long-tail cast on is not that different from the long-tail cast on, but is just different enough that it will make all the difference in your cast on edge! So these short clips give me a chance to give you that explanation.

Why I Love . . . Flexible Long-tail Cast On

This is a variation of the long-tail cast on and there are similar variations. I like this one because of its simplicity and because it can be varied to match each project. As an added bonus, it is also possible to use it when wanting to work both ways from the cast on (yes, there are others that are better in some situations!). So, one cast on, flexible in both application and situation.

Why I Love . . . Flexible Long-tail cast on on Vimeo

Why I Love . . . Flexible Long-tail cast on on YouTube

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